It is believed by Historians and scholars that while the Greeks focused chiefly on the emphasis of attractiveness, knowledge and fun, the India gymnosophists referred with their nudity as an action toward obtaining spiritual enlightenment and becoming one with the universe.
The tie that seemed to bind the two cultures together was the thought of peace that both the Olympic Games and the Janis faith practiced. Just as the Christian control of Greece and Rome led to the end of the gymnasium and the Olympic Games, the British control of India led to the curtailing of gymnosophist practices.
Nudity in Early IndiaFirst Time NakedOutdoors and Being NudeOutside
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Being Naked Outside and Nude Outdoors For The Very First Time
First time naked outdoors and being nude outside – I have consistently heard of naturism and naturism but never really gave it too much thought. I’ve to admit that when I first saw a news report about a nearby nudist resort, I was the only person within my family to not say “what weird and perverted individuals these nudists are.” But the truth is that I was I actually envious of them. They all seemed perfectly happy and none of them appeared to have any body image issues what so ever.
So the following time I had the house to myself, I determined that I’d get naked and do everything from cleaning to homework in the nude.
To my surprise, felt fantastic to be completely nude. I was surprised to find that it did not feel sexual at all being naked was a only a feeling of only total independence.
As the years went by, I got my own place and moved from my family’s house. I used to go to the plage a lot and always wondered what it would be like if I simply dropped my swimming trunks and jumped into the water naked. But my strand had not been a bare beach and I understood it was not the place to attempt skinny dipping for the first time.
The changing area at the sand was without a roof. I heard of people comment on how they might freak if your helicopter or a plane flew by while they were naked. It was far enough from your local resorts that no one on any of the floors could see in. I recall getting nude and wondering what would happen if I left the booth before wearing any clothes. I kept thinking about how amazing it’d feel to being naked outside.
Things just moved on from there. One time, I said to a close friend about my fascination with being nakedoutdoors and he thought I was crazy.

Obviously, we broke up shortly after. But only to play it safe, for about year and a half, I stayed quiet about the issue of social or public nudity.
Subsequently, at the local community college, I took an art class. Naturally, at some stage it came time to draw a nude life model. We drew two unclothed models – one male and one female. They stood there, both nude, with such reserve, calmness and did not seem to care what others thought of them. I inquired a number of classmates about the models and they said that it was a paid place but that they were simply your “everyday folks” only nude.
So I put out an ad and inquired if anyone would not mind modeling unclothed for me at home. Behold, my ad was answered. I told her that I needed to draw a unclothed model in a property setting, doing regular things, but unclothed. To my surprise, she said “no problem.”
The day arrived for the sketch and first I believed an ice breaker session would be good. She was from Canada originally and she moved with her family to the USA a few years earlier. She even told me they’d been to naturist beaches and at times, spent family time in the nude. She was an excellent model and did some basic poses. To my surprised, to her, all of it felt completely natural.
My first grown up experience of being naked outdoors and unclothed outside