The artist must have been mortified when he saw you. Did he call within an emergency purchase of extra paint? I’m convinced he wanted it after getting through with you. It was kind of him to paint vertical stripes as it gave you a leaner look (only not enough).
His paint strokes on your own body were wide and appeared hurried. He wanted you away from him and rapid. You said there were professional photographers. Thank goodness, they were at least competent to hide you in the bunch. You were the token fat girl, tolerated. The joke that made everyone else look great and have a great laugh.”
It is infuriating to read something similar to this. But we agree with Maria when she says the greatest response is education and leading by example. We shall continue to advocate for acceptance and speak out against discrimination, hate and fat shaming. Here is Maria’s response and firsthand accounts of the experience:
“There are times when we struggle with choices. I am no exception. Nevertheless, I believe that every choice I’ve made has afforded me experiences that are my stepping stones to the next venture. Each adventure holds clues to what will come.
On that day (July 31st.), I stood on the corner of 53rd and Broadway proudly sharing a space with no less than four generations of likeminded folks and amongst a sea of on lookers from all walks of life (how cliche of me).
Next to me stood my friend, a man strong and entirely grounded in his convictions. He was truly supporting and excited for me, knowing this was a dream come true.
Piece by piece I drop an article of clothing exposing my body for the world to see. The artist, Andy Golub, and I constantly exchanged our energies; his artistic creativity for my bravery to continue.
The articles of clothing lose were the trappings of everyday life that had driven its way into my mind and lingered for years. I could scarcely contain myself. In place of the clothing, fantastic colours appeared.
The green, purple and yellow all purposefully layered on my skin. As it dried, it became a strong outer layer forming a shield yet it remained soft, flexible.
Did he sense my trepidation? Not a word uttered. No warning or explanation followed. He stopped, drew his brush far from the live sailcloth in front of him and he faced me.
Trusting his move, I didn’t flinch. It was the second of the three periods of my transformation that day.
We were restless and impatient. My turn was coming up.
‘NEXT,’ he cried, and there I stood. I was transfixed, my gaze stoic, proud. Embellished with furious the mark of a strong woman ready for conflict. Thankful, more than a week after that one size does not fit all.”
Naturists and Everything You Want To Know About The Naturist Lifestyle!
What Defines a Nudist Person?
a Nudistmay have many reasons for being nude. Many naturists do agree that by going bare, they bring themselves nearer to nature and personal enlightenment. Some believe that nudity acquires a stronger and more true relationship between folks.
Naturists believe a deeper or truer understanding of folks can be reached by first stripping away outer hints of class, wealth, and style. Nudists willargue that attitudes like “clothes make the man” are harmful and judgmental.
Most individuals prefer to live of their lives reasonably completely clothed. Some might even spend a great deal in their time focusing on shopping and putting together fashionable outfits for this particular function. But there are also a good number of individuals who prefer to live just the opposite and embrace naturism.
Which is, nudism is a lifestyle which is shared by many communities around the world. For some, it offers an alternate or more natural way of living. As a side note, naturism is really the term favored by many nudists now. A naturist, just speaking, is someone who advocates for and espouses a lifestyle that is entirely without any clothes – when appropriate.