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Nude Spring Break Vacation To Florida
My Naked Spring Break – My fist experience being naked in public took place during a spring break Florida adventure with buddies in South Beach, Miami. My girlfriends and I had driven down from our faculty in Savannah, Georgia to party and have some fun in the sun. After a couple of cocktails at a local bar and checking into our hotel, we went shopping for swimsuits. The drinks must have gone to my head because I picked out the skimpiest little thong bikini that they had in the store. My friends picked more small suits but I was feeling more daring than usual.
Back at our room, I had to shave so I could wear the suit without http://www.thoun.com/categories/ (it was the very first time I ‘d ever shaved myself entirely). On the strand I felt great about my body, but I could feel lots of eyes staring at me and started to feel self conscious about the way I looked. To be absolutely honest, I Have always had some body image problems I felt ashamed of the size of my butt and I noticed that many of them men were staring at it as I walked by.
My Naked Spring Break
I decided I ‘d head into the water to prevent the prying eyes. I swam down the strand for a long time and suddenly found that I ‘d entirely lost my friends! I determined to get out of the water and headed back to the shore. As I was walking back, I looked around and discovered that all the people were nude. I realized that I ‘d stumbled upon a portion of the shore that was nude friendly.
I was a bit anxious at first, especially since I’d shaved off all my pubic hair. But I determined I would take the plunge and get naked! I stripped out of that little thong and let the sun hit my bare skin (all of it) for the first time in my adult life. It felt so good and warm against the parts of my body that are generally covered up by clothes.
I found it amusing that on this part of the shore, no one appeared to notice me. I felt so comfortable and confident walking along the beach with my nude body in full view. Feeling my ample bottom swaying in the wind was kind of fun also. I set my thong bikini back on and jogged back to my friends who were farther up the shore.
http://wwwthoun.com/most-popular/ asked where I had been.
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