suggest that women are as sexually enticed by men’s unclothed torsos as men are by girls’s.134
105. The arbitrary character of garments necessities is reflected by different standards in different cultures.
For instance, a review of 190 world societies in 1951 found that, contrary to the standards of our own
Truly, lots of folks find it almost impossible to understand the logic behind any other manner of clothes and
adornment than that which they’re currently wearing, finding or even uncivilized. The notion of
exposing or seeing those parts of the body which granny sex on beach keep covered so frightens or disgusts them that
they call upon their lawmakers to safeguard them from such a possibility.” 136
106. The arbitrary character of clothes necessities is represented by history. Even in exactly the same culture, taboos
about what portions of the body could or couldn’t be shown have changed drastically over time.137
For example, until legislative acts were amended in the 1930s, men were arrested in the United States for
swimming without a shirt.138 Many of the paintings and sculptures today considered “classic”–for example,
Michelangelo’s Last Judgment–were considered obscene in their day.139 The body taboo reached its height in mid
19th-century England and America, when it was considered improper to mention nearly any detail of the human
body in mixed company. Howard Warren writes: “A woman was allowed to have head and feet, but between the
neck and ankles just the heart and belly were allowed reference in civilized society. To exhibit the ankle (even
though correctly stockinged) was considered immodest.” 140 On the flip side, in the early portion of the 19th century,
women’s clothes fashions in France were so scant that an entire costume, including shoes, may not have weighed
more than eight ounces.141 Lois M. Gurel writes: “One must not forget that clothes itself is neither ethical nor
immoral. It is the breaking of traditions that makes it so.” 142
The level to which women’s breasts may be exposed has changed particularly in Western cultures. At various
times in history, women’s necklines have immersed so deeply the breasts have been more exposed than covered.
the chest, some gowns with front openings even revealing the nipples.”
early 17th century, and again in the 18th century, particularly in the Court of King Charles II of England. Ironically,
in this latter period, a decent woman would never be found in public with the stage of her shoulders
Naturism is growing in acceptance.
107. Most world societies are much more open about nudity in relation to the United States.144 For example, many
A 1995 survey conducted by a French fashion magazine found that just 7% of the people was shocked by
the sight of naked breasts on the beach, and that 40% of girls had tried going topfree.145 A 1983 survey found that
27% of French women went topfree on the seashore on a regular basis, while another 6% went bare.
poll found that 86% of French citizens favor nudity on public seashores.146 In Munich and Zurich, topfree and nude
sunbathing are permitted in lots of parks. A Zurich municipal ordinance in 1989 officially accepted nudity in
municipal pools after a public opinion poll found just 18% resistance.147 Two different surveys conducted in the mid-
1980s found that 68% of Germans did not object to nude bathing.148 A 1983 public opinion survey in Greece found
that 65% of the people favored legislative establishment of four official nudist facilities.149 A 1984 survey found
that 82% of a cross section of Lisbon residents approved of nude beaches allowed for that purpose.150 In Denmark,
judicious nudity is legal on the seashore except on a few particularly clothed beaches!151 Sweden’s shoreline is
Almost as tolerant as Denmark’s.152 Beach nudity has also become the standard in inflation-stricken Romania, where
the typical monthly wage is all about $65 as well as a swimsuit costs from $4 to $20.153 Saunas are omnipresent in Finland,
with a sauna for every 3.5 inhabitants, and are consistently used nude, normally in mixed company.154
108. Contribution in nudist organizations is high in different portions of the world.
In Holland, 1 in 422 members of the populace is a dues-paying nudist. In Switzerland, the number is 1 in
519; in France, 1 in 630; in Belgium, 1 in 890; in New Zealand, 1 in 1250; in the U.K., 1 in 2784; in Englishspeaking