In Ogas and Gaddam’s novel A Billion Evil Ideas, they mention one blogger’s study done on Chat Roulette. On 1,276 consecutive sessions with random individuals, he found that one in four webcams were pointed at a member.
The Research and Psychology behind the act of Exhibitionism:
Exhibitionism falls under the category of the paraphilia (also known as sexual perversion and sexual deviation). The term paraphilia refers to mental disorders categorized by extreme sexual urges, obsession with odd sexual practices or sexual acts involving objects or inappropriate partners like kids. Many exhibitionists are found to have an unusually high libido.
So far as research goes, little is understood about the preponderance of exhibitionism or what causes it. One Swedish study of 2,450 areas ranging in ages 18 to 60 found that 3.1% of individuals reported having experienced arousal by exposing their genitals to a stranger. (4.1% of those were male, 2.1% female.)
However, the Internet would imply it’s a lot more common than that. When discussing men’s on-line exhibitionist behavior, Ogas and Gaddam also had this to say:
“Historically, male exhibitionism was considered a mental disorder. If that’s true, the Internet suggests we’re a planet of psychologically deranged guys.”
The field of psychology presents a few different theories as to what can cause exhibitionist tendencies. Some suggested causes are emotional and / or sexual abuse in youth, head injury, daddy abandonment (for men) and levels of testosterone in the body. But these are just theories with no definitive research.
(Or it should at least be reason to send someone into psychotherapy if not jail.)
Sending unsolicited penis pics (or sexual / pornographic pictures) online is a nasty sort of harassment as well.
With off line behaviours especially, issues do arise when exhibitionism is persistent and interferes with daily life. When one is driven to always act on their exposing customs, it often leads to isolation from friends, family and termination of employment.
If someone always exposes themselves in public, they are going to normally get arrested at . Once they’re found by authorities, exhibitionists will usually get checked in for treatment.
Treatment generally includes drugs to decrease the sex drive and deal with any hormonal imbalances. Psychotherapy approaches get utilized as well. Family therapy, group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy have all proven to be helpful for those dealing with exhibitionism.
As most naturists will inform you, society at large has many misconceptions involving nudism and naturism. Because nudity, and as a result, naturism, is viewed as sexual, dirty and black, naturists can be wrongfully persecuted as sexual deviants and labeled exhibitionists.
An article in Psychology Today even states that nude beaches encourage exhibitionism. This can be not the case! While people, and therefore nudists, are sexual beings, the doctrine behind naturism is that it be non-sexually inspired.
Oddly, there are numerous nudists who openly call themselves exhibitionists. That is like pairing naturism with a sexual preference, and it’s perpetuating the myth that naturism is about sex. Even if they just mean to say they like to be seen naked at the bare beach, “exhibitionist” has and these terms shouldn’t be used together.
Naturism is, in its core, a personal experience. Though it can and often times occurs in a social setting, the action itself should not be focused on somebody else. The difference between nudism and exhibitionism is the motive as well as how, where and when it is practiced.
Exhibitionists Vs. Naturists
Exhibitionists will seek out others for them to be seen while nudists do not. Naturists will find the correct location and time to practice nudism and often they’ll go to far out and secluded destinations to ensure that they do not offend or disturb others.