years, but in 1941 the start of World War II interrupted the naturist movement. Following
the attack on Pearl Harbor, many nudists went off to war, leading to the close of many
Naked resorts. The movement managed to survive because of the continued publications of the
Naturist. Eventually, the magazine’s name changed to Sunshine & Health. 24

After World War II nudism gradually started to take hold again, reemerging as a
stronger movement. Dlsley Boone, nicknamed Uncle Danny, continued to be the chief
By now, 1946, Boone monopolized the whole naturist movement.
The American Sunbathing Association was one of nine interlocking corporations
As noted by Johnson, other organizations comprised: The
Sunshine & Health magazine, The Sunshine Book Company, Sunshine Park Inc,

Commercial Distributors Inc., and the Sedgwick Art Institute, a school which enabled
students to participate in art classes outside at Sunshine Park. Boone’s unwillingness to
delegate any of his ability to others resulted in many dissatisfied members. 25 Boone
Commanded all the mailing lists and managed to obtain enough proxies to outvote
everyone, thus enabling him to control the election of officials?6 When members

requested an audit of the books, Boone turned them down saying the expense was not
Warranted? 7 Conflict towards Boone continued to brew among the board members of the
A.S.A. The members successfully elected a awesome leader, Reed Suplee, only to be
disappointed by his resignation a couple of months later due to Boone’s unwillingness to let him
review the books.
Induced to step down. Boone continued to influence the Naturist movement by remaining
active in board affairs and government of the corporations. introduced a new
magazine, S.U.N., which stands for So/air Union Naturisme. Plans were also announced
for a awesome international naturist organization. In spite of Boone’s resignation, he is still
considered the main man accountable for the A.S.A., which continued on to become the
dominant nudist organization in America.
million people in 22 countries were participated in Social Nudism.
(A.A.N.R.), and currently maintains more than fifty thousand members? 8

The topic of Social Nudism generates many differing viewpoints. Many people find
the conduct deviant or abnormal, using labels such as wrong, unethical, and anti-social,
when referring to individuals choosing to participate in this lifestyle. Others, however, deem the
behavior as moral, ethical, and socially acceptable, insisting that social nudism functions to
enhance total well being. Where did these beliefs originate, and why do they last?
Much of what forms our societies and laws stems from religious views. Although
this study will not focus on the practices, theories, or beliefs of one specific faith, it
does admit the foundation of religion as really being a major contributor to modern perspectives
on nudism.
During early formative years of religious teachings, dominant perspectives in Greek and
Roman cultures expressed physical matter as evil and only religious things as good. This was
known as Gnosticism, and represented a negative view of what God had meant. It states

good.” Many Christians believe this passage to be accurate but only in the circumstance of happening
before the fall of Adam and Eve. The development of sin spots significant a weight, particularly
guilt and shame, upon human beings. It was not until Adam and Eve sinned that shame
would become a major controlling factor in individuals lives.

What effect does shame have on us? Many psychologists believe that shame is the
source of low self esteem, abuse, and illnesses like depression, paranoia, and sexual
Dependencies. Based on Pastor Ted Roberts “Shame is a feeling of deep abasement that
convinces me there is something essentially wrong with me …and that’s a killer. “


Hartman Fithian & Johnson, noted in their novel, Naturist Society, that many religious leaders

are accountable for associating shame, with nudity and sin. As an example, the continuous
reminder that pre marital sex and masturbation are erroneous, and so sinful, implies that
these acts are black. Girls, as opposed to guys, are more easily criticized for
engaging in sex before marriage and consequently more prone to feelings of shame. Nonetheless
does this mean that couples who choose to have a loving relationship without marriage are
deserving of shame? Perhaps in the eyes of the church the answer is yes. More importantly
though, the true answer lies within our own selves. To mention another example,
As Pope John Paul II once declared: