The launching of a fresh naturist site is a rare and exciting occasion. Eastern Ontario’s hottest clothing-optional park, Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch, was greeted with cautious optimism when it opened in 2012. Four years later, the ranch is seeing its stride, and – after several great visits – we felt the need to tell all of you about it.
Naturist Ranch Location
Freedom Fields is near Tamworth, a small town in eastern Ontario about an hour’s drive from Kingston or Belleville. This really is farm country; the setting are a combination of cash crops, ranches and with lots of forest in between. of Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch
The park is reached from 592 Carroll Road, but don’t place too much trust in auto-navigation; this part of Ontario is badly charted in many map databases. If you’re browsing by GPS, enter the co ordinates directly: 44.501N by 76.917W. If you choose to browse the old-fashioned way, locate your way up CR 4 to Tamworth, then head east along Mountain Road and south on Carroll.
The price, by August 2015, is $30/individual or $40/ . Overnight camping is an additional $20. A classic farmhouse bed-and-breakfast can also be on offer, for individuals with more luxurious preferences.
Rental suite A at the Freedom Fields Bed & Breakfast
Naturist Club Culture at Freedom Fields
The core rule at Freedom Fields is “Your conduct is your passport,” and anyone who can live by that’s welcome. This is a friendly, inclusive environment. Have you got piercings? Tattoos? A non-binary gender or sexual orientation? A non-monogamous or polyamorous relationship? Are you a male with no female partner? None of that really matters here.
The park’s visitors come from all walks of life. The majority are middle-class, middle age, but there are often a couple of folks in their 20’s and one or two in their 80’s. Naturally, we’ve also encountered a few who want to see but can’t (a couple of bored constables on marijuana patrol, evidently becoming really covetous from inside their sweltering helicopter) and a few who did not realize what they were in for (a carload of conservative evangelists, who set a new speed record for reversing out of the driveway)!
Compared to more conventional parks, there is a lot more energy, a lot more vibrance, to the culture. Individuals tend to be friendlier and more outgoing than we are used to seeing at other parks. The large saltwater hot tub is usually full of smiles and laughter. On summer holiday evenings, live cover bands rock out in the barn, which will be totally decked out for drinks and dancing. At the last concert we attended, the music skewed heavily towards the ’60s and ’70s – probably a reflection of the late-mid-age demographic that formed the majority of the crowd. Their “oldies” status however, these tunes have aged well and create just as great a party vibe now as they likely did back then.

The hot tub at Freedom Fields
The Traveling Beer Bellies Group performing at the barn
Barn pub