In “secret” groups, only members can see the group itself and the posts. It’s invisible to everyone else and cannot be located in investigations. You can only join if another group member or admin adds you to it. The good thing about secret groups is the fact that nothing will pop up on anyone’s timeline.
FKK has a few key groups, for example:
1 – Women Only – We created this group just for girls as a safe place to discuss gender-related or other significant problems.

2 – Men Only – Same as the girls merely group, we created this group just for men to talk about issues that blonde teen beach feel more comfortable talking about among other guys.
We briefly review every individual who requests to join our “closed” group. Since we get numerous requests to join weekly, sometimes folks can get in that do not fit. But that’s the world we live in. We deal with these people on a case by case basis and will not hesitate to kick someone out if they do not behave appropriately and respectfully.
We’ve got countless people who help us with the overwhelming quantity of management that is needed to maintain a happy and positive group.
But still there is the inescapable drama. Generally, individuals are extremely opinionated and outspoken online. Far more than in person. They’ve been also fast to judge and even quicker to disgrace and bully. It truly is like the Wild West. They hide behind computer screens and act like they’re gods but for the most part, when you meet these people face to face, they fold and reveal their true colors.
Recently, I personally have been a hot topic of discussion in quite a few Facebook groups. On those threads, I ‘ve been accused of everything from reporting pictures of other naturists, to friend-requesting too lots of people, to promoting porn and at some point I was blamed for endangering the future of naturism.
Full disclosure – Yes, I do snap on pal recommendations that Facebook offers me (though I ‘ve not been active in the past couple of weeks). I personally get friend requests daily – more than I can even review. So when people say that I’m a horrible man for pal requesting people I might not have met, all I have to say is – grow up. I also have no way of knowing if I’ve previously sent someone a buddy request so if you are focused on clicking that button to refuse my request again, it is possible to simply block me and never need certainly to see a single thing I post ever again. You can also readily merely deny the request – I really do not get the play surrounding this dilemma. It really is one click and that is it. It seems like this is only a “big problem” because certain individuals are actively looking for any reason to discredit me / FKK.
The problem that I have is that some nudists out there are just downright mean. For example a girl posted that I reported her photos to Facebook which caused them to be removed. I have no idea why someone would say this kind of thing since we have been among the most vocal people fighting against Facebook censorship. For the record, we presume reporting other naturists’ photographs is a despicable action and we frankly do not have the time or energy to even think along those lines. The girl spreading the rumors never reached out to me directly to ask me about it. as soon as I discovered what she was saying and contacted her, she didn’t even have the common decency to reply to my message.
This sort of behavior is simply juvenile. Gossiping, pointing fingers, stirring the pot and then hiding. Yesterday, someone actually lashed out at Felicity – cursing at her and calling . Naturally, that individual was taken off the group.
People need to comprehend just how many things we have to cope with every single day. Especially in regards to behaviour issues. Since we have to protect the people in our groups, we take swift and severe action. So far, I ‘ve to say that the interaction in our groups is excellent. Folks are actually using it as place for connecting and discuss personal and societal dilemmas.
Another fact that folks decide to ignore is that it’s OUR group. We created it and devote hours to maintaining it. If you don’t like us or our group then you can just leave – it is that simple. No play needed.
I believe the reason why some people have an adverse view of us is the fact that we act. We’ll jump in if someone is misbehaving. We do not just sit back and let things happen. You won’t see a long thread dedicated to bashing someone in our groups. You will not see ego-driven programs. You will not see many of the things that other groups may let slide. Our activities are indicative of our morals and ethics and since we are vocal, individuals often see us as confrontational.