Prairie Haven Nudist Park Review:
Being new to naturism, we found it quite pleasant to realize that there were indeed a number of naturist resortsand naturist parks within a couple of hours from us here in Kansas City.
The first place we visited was Prairie Haven Nudist Park(PH) a little, 32-acre community located in Scranton, Kansas. It’s just south of Topeka and about an hour and a half from Kansas City, Missouri. After finding it by performing an Internet search for bare campgrounds (which will be initially how we stumbled upon naturism), we quickly decided that it was worth the hour and a half trip to visit.
We met a young couple, nudists by their telling, who’d been to PH on numerous occasions and were willing to see with us and show us about. This, after, would inevitably make us considerably more comfortable in our own skin.
Pool at Prairie Haven Nudist Park
We meant to camp for the night (although they offered cabin leases) and so, packaged our tent, air mattress, etc. and, of course, our sitting towels. was a must and as avid campers, we included bug spray and warm clothes, just in case. When we arrived, the substantial seclusion gate was beginning to close and so we shot up to it to reset the opening phase.
Pulling through the gate, we were met by views of recreational vehicles, gravel “roads” and shade trees. As we drove the short way to work, there wasn’t a soul in sight. Our new friends had directed us there, so we parked behind them in a shady place. We headed into work to enroll and were greeted by an elderly girl who could not have been finer. The registration was quick and straightforward, and the fees were quite inexpensive. After enrollment, we were invited to take a tour of the grounds, but decided to put up our camp area first.
An older gentleman, husband of the aforementioned office smasher, directed us to the camp site which was to be ours for the night. Post parking our vehicle, I instantly stripped to my birthday suit to appreciate the warm beaming sun on my bare skin. My better half was a bit more bashful. We were put beside another couple in a pop up camper. This was also their first visit! While setting up, we engaged in real dialog with our new neighbors and another couple just two “doors” down. During dialog, my lady became nearly instantaneously comfy and joined in our new freedom.
Prairie Haven Nudist Park
Our buddies, who had been there before, reappeared (both showing their sense of freedom) about the time we finished setting up camp. We snatched a couple of beers and solo cups, (they don’t allow glass in the pool place) and headed for the sun deck. It was more than I anticipated. The deck was big in comparison to the pool. There were chairs and lounges and they had a hot tub also. Umbrellas and a shady sitting area gave the belief of sunny afternoon naked parties.
We were greeted by many folks, men and women equally. It was when we sat on lounge chairs and were enjoying the sunlight with our friends, that we recognized how free, uninhibited, unrestricted and comfortable we felt, merely being in our own skin. I must say that it was one of the most peaceful and pleasurable times I have ever had. I’ve always known that I appreciated being unclothed. I just don’t think I realized how amazing it could be in a societal setting.
It was during this trip which I learned that nudists, naturists and nudies likewise, care nothing about what your bank account says, what you drive, where you live and, really, which type of clothing you wear. We are the same. Nudity is, above all else, the great equalizer.
I cannot say for sure, but had it not been to Prairie Haven that we ventured first, we might not have actively joined our just cherished way of life.
The folks were pleasant and friendly, participating even. The grounds were well kept and while you may get a way of “trailer park,” it actually felt quite homey and comfortable. My lady and I ‘d certainly and highly recommend a visit to Prairie Haven if you happen to be in the area. And if you’re not in the area, make the drive. A couple of hours of driving is well worth a few days of nakation!

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Dan Stark is the leader of the FKK Kansas City chapter. He found naturism in the summertime of 2013 and is now an avid supporter of the nudie life (along with his girlfriend).