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Get beach bitch – I came across something I think is quite cool. It is called “The TreeSpirit Project.” A photographer in San Francisco named Jack Gescheidt photographs nude people among trees. He explains his whole philosophy and young nudist pics of trees and nature here on his website.
But here is what us naturists may be most interested in from the FAQs:
“Why are the folks always naked? (Is not this actually only to get focus?) Many other reasons for the nudity came first, before I knew TreeSpirit would get any attention. When naked, people are:
* more “present” in the meditative sense of this word, significance in the present moment rather than thinking about the past (worry) or future (preparation);

* therefore more vulnerable and have greater, more aware awareness, more feeling, and thus move and behave more freely and truly;
* more benign to trees and other species. We individuals frequently damage as a collective, but not when stripped of our habitual and protective layers of clothes, tools and technology;
* more ageless, without the many ethnic and historic cues garments supply;
* unified as a mass of humankind rather than viewed as the individual personalities to which we are so attached. This is notably true in the group TreeSpirit photos;
* and, yes, more attention getting. One of aims of the TreeSpirit Project is to deliver its message of our interdependence with nature. The more individuals ready to take this to heart, the better.”
Get Nude!
Interesting philosophy! Do you guys think being nude actually has all this meaning? Do you feel more connected to nature when nude in the woods / beach / natural settings? If I lived in San Francisco, I’d totally go to one of these. But I did sign up for Angelo Musco’s shoot this weekend, so I assume I will have to settle for a studio. (Registration for this photo shoot is still potential at Should be an experience!
One of Jack Gescheidt’s TreeSpirit Naked Tree Spirit photos seen above
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