How I Got Naked In The Military and For My State No Less!
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Naked In The Military – A person’s body is perhaps the only thing which is truly theirs and not something that most of the world, except for a parent when they were young or a lover sometime later on, is likely to see in the all together.
Being naked for the first time in front of another man can be quite traumatic depending on how or why it happens, and this is my story:
Joining the Army – Me a 19 Year Old Girl In The 1970’s And Getting Naked In The Military
After I finished high school I joined the army so I could get faculty financing. I knew there was going to be a physical exam, but I really didn’t know I would have to be fully nude in front of anyone. I’d never had to do this before and even though I was 19, I had never been examined like that by a physician, particularly a male doctor!
Military Nudes – Naked In For The First Time
I was taken into the examination room and told to get undressed. The physician didn’t actually have great bedside manner either and looked like he was only in a huge rush to get done, which I guess he probably was since he had to do stuff like this all day. He didn’t actually notice that I was nervous, humiliated and scared to death and I doubt he even cared!
Things Get Militarily Physical
A doctor poked and prodded like all physicians do and then determined to do a pelvic examination. This is in the 70s and now the military does not do these humiliating pelvic examinations. I was a virgin and it hurt like hell and burned! I didn’t enjoy it at all even though it was over pretty fast and he was dismissing me to get dressed and saying I was concluded.
So, (if you’re able to call it that) with others wasn’t fun at all and was really humiliating and painful. I don’t believe it made me hate being nude or even turned me off from trying nudism, but it was rather shocking for a girl from a small town who was merely trying to join the military to get a college education. I ‘d to get over it because I was going to additionally need certainly to shower with a bunch of other girls all at one time, but that was nothing compared to this!
Nowadays getting naked in front of a physician is no big deal, but I still occasionally think about that scared teenage girl who did not actually know what was going on when I joined the army and got fully naked in the military examination.

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