Holy Body Worship is an Interfaith religious service that celebrates the intimacy and uniqueness of the body and soul relationship. This happens through respecting and acknowledging the body as a temple and recognizing it as the boat selected by our spirit for incarnation. The alternative of being naked or skyclad during Service is used to further express fear and celebrate our body-soul relationship to Source. Our bodies are wonderful miracles, complicated ecosystems, walking art – each unique, holy and a bit of God/Goddess/Source.
The clothing optional’ is simply that optional. You’re never required to be unclothed during service. It’s a question of choice and truth in the present moment predicated on how your body feels and wishes to express itself. In service, we view nudity as a form of foil and affair. We bare our souls and the areas that have been concealing our living inauthentically and bring ourselves back to credibility, transparency and oneness. If we feel safeguarded when we remove our clothing it is not a form of celebration, and we’ve really moved our relationship to body/soul/source from its union and into fragmentation, inauthenticity. On here , if you have felt guarded your entire life, maybe this really is the moment to experience your union and one-ness through nudity, moving through your anxiety and embracing yourself holy’ and completely in that moment.

In Holy Body Worship, we select to be naked or to observe with others who are unclothed to investigate a deeper level of closeness with our bodies, our spirits, each other, and the divine. To remove that which keeps erotic nude beach video and to bring us back into the correct relationship with body, soul, Source. Entire-y Body Worship observes and takes a stand for the right to choose to worship your body naked or clothed or in any state of disrobe that feels suitable to you in the present moment. At precisely the same time it recognizes that that determination may change from moment to moment. We invite you to ask yourself what makes you feel powerful, holy, outrageous, sensual, free, and completely you and to celebrate your system spirit union from that spot. “
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Isis Phoenix is a sensuous shaman who facilitates ceremonies for people desiring to create transformation in the place of sexuality, spirituality, intimacy and relationship. Isis eases individual training and group Shamanic Immersions and refuges. She is also the founder of Naked Yoga NYC, a naked yoga movement that continues to get international interest. Isis Phoenix and her work has been featured in Jane Magazine, Vogue, Elle, NY Post, BBC News and MSNBC. To find out more visit http://www.sensualshaman.com or e-mail [e-mail protected]
Que es Nudismo ?
Traducido por (Translated by): Randybej
El nudismo es la filosofAa por la cual la gente cree en los beneficios de estar y vivir desnudo. En la actualidad, es la creencia o la practica de ir sin ropa en privado o en publico. Frecuentemente refleja la eleccion familiar o personal de un estilo de vida que tambien puede ser llamado como “naturismo”. Lo que es interesante acerca del nudismo es el hecho que es facilmente aceptado a traves de muchas culturas, especialmente aquellas descendientes de Europa, incluyendo Alemania, Francia y Polonia. En el siglo pasado, el nudismo ha llegado a ser cada vez mas aceptable en Estados Unidos. Por ejemplo, en 1995 se establecio La Asociacion Americana para la Recreacion Nudista ( AANR = de sus siglas en Ingles), que incluye cerca de 100 centros de recreacion y 150 clubles nudistas para diversion.
? Por que Nudismo ?