Why participate in nude recreation?
Because it’s fun and it is healthy. Body acknowledgement is a strong notion and a
key to self acceptance and the approval of others. Whether relaxing, playing
sports or socializing, the nudist experience is a positive one both psychologically and
Isn’t nudity offensive?
We do not think so. If you do, we would like you to reconsider. We consider that
the body in its natural state cannot be offensive or black, that it is
Fundamentally wholesome.
Isn’t nudity sexual?
Nudism isn’t any more and quite possibly less sexual than life in general.
Nudism is about being naked when practical, not about sex. It is about body
Validation, physicality, spirituality and asthetics. Nudism in general can be
quite sexy–only think of the sensations of bathing your body in the air,
Sunlight and water–but isn’t in itself sexual.
Do I need to undress right away?
Sunny Haven is a
nudist park… a place where folks come to be
socially nude. For the comfort of all, we expect that all members and visitors
be naked while in http://shockintown.com/post/photo-my-family-nudist.php of the park. Nudism is a
participatory activity, not something to watch.
If one individual of a couple is hesitant to disrobe on an initial visit, that would
be ok. We believe that the comfort of Sunny Haven would make contribution
easy in a short time.
Do I ‘ve to be naked on a regular basis?
While Sunny Haven is a naturist park (not clothes optional), there are surely
times when being clothed is proper (or recommended or at times even
Mandatory). Generally, nevertheless, nudity is the right state of being at all
times when health, weather and safety enable while in the common and recreational
Places of the park. Nudity is mandatory at all times in the pool and hottub.
Do you look at each other? I don’t believe I would be comfortable in a
conversation, for example.
It’s acceptable to look. It’s not okay to gawk or stare. (Pretty much the same as in
the clothed world if you consider it.) And therein lies the answer to how to
Discuss and socialize with others. It’s just the same as in the clothed world.
To comprehend this recognize that nudity is the norm in our world. Just as you

Do not think about others or yourself being clothed in the clothed world… you
will shortly give no thought with regard to others or yourself being bare.
Are there other naturist parks or clubs in the area? How do I locate nudist
parks, clubs and beaches?
This place of the state is full of naturist history and we are within a couple of
hours drive to five other nudist or clothes optional parks. There are a total
of eight fkk parks in the state of Indiana alone. Most of them are members of
the American Association for Nude Recreation. and its Midwest division, the
Midwest Sunbathing Association. You may want to see NudistParksUSA.NET where
you may find fkk parks and clubs via a fast zip code search.
What will happen if I run into someone I know?
Odds are that they’ll be just as naked as you…. and quite comfortable with
Bare diversion (unless it’s their first visit too). They’ll likely be happy to
see all ages nudism . Dialog will be simple… you’ve something to talk about: a common
interest in nude recreation.
What should we bring with us?
Bring exactly the same things you’d take in a visit to a clothed park or beach
except a bathing suit: hats, sunblock, sunglasses, towels, something to read,
something to play with (Frisbee, volleyball), camping supplies if you are
Isn’t all that exposure to the sun dangerous?
Some sunlight exposure is fairly likely good for http://wildnudists.com/tube/nudism/ . But surely overexposure is not
A great thing. Shade or suntan lotion takes care of that. If you think about it,
while nude we do not expose a lot more than we do when in a bathing suit anyhow.
So the only difference is you’ll use a bit more suntan lotion.
I think it was easy for me
to make the switch to nudism. I had sunned discreetly for several years before
my friends, a married couple, asked me if I want to join them at a nearby
hot spring. I hesitated to asked my girlfriend because I thought she would believe
we were all perverts or something, but she said she’d like to go see what it
was about. We had a blast! Perhaps it was easier for us because we were
joining another couple, in place of merely going as people, but we obviously
Needed to indulge in what we all had secretly contemplated. Of course we felt
somewhat awkward at first, seeing our longtime buddies in the buff, and them
seeing us, but we got over it in hurry as we relaxed in the warm waters of El
Dorado Hot Springs. It was a wonderful day, and that’s what finally resulted in our
Unfledged Desert Sun Naturist group.
Talking to friends about naturism was odd in the beginning, but lots of my friends
Believe the idea is really great (even if they don’t want to try). I’ve managed to
convince a couple of them (fairy easily I might add) to come out and give nudism