Two activists for Topfree Equality
The protest eventually ended three hours later. It was at that particular time I was forced to make an exceptionally extreme choice while standing there all by myself with no other topfree girls supporting my choiceShould I put my shirt back on?
2011 Go Topless Parade held in Venice Beach, California. Several men and women march along the strip of Venice to protest the right for girls to be equal to men in topless freedoms. Girls want to go top-free wherever a man is allowed.
After hidden camp nudis family and protest finally ended three hours after. It was at that specific time I was compelled to make an incredibly extreme selection while standing there all by myself with no other topfree women supporting my selection Should I put my shirt back on? My choice ended up being ruled more in favor of myself than the watchers who gazed upon me in disbelief and total amazement.
There was no possible way that I was about to let this moment end. Therefore I proceeded to walk back by myself, down the Venice strip, in the opposite direction that I ‘d formerly marched before with a large group of other girls. If you ask me how I did it, my answer will be”I just did.” I walked just as though I normally walk with or with no top on, except I found myself still carrying on that ear to ear grin.
walking around topfree in VeniceThe Desnudas: NYC’s Manufactured Controversy Over Painted Boobs
The Narrative of the Desnudas Painted Boobs:
Put “topless girls” and “kids” in the same sentence and you’ve got some surefire click bait for a news article. That was my idea when, in April with this year, the NY Post printed an article about topless painted women preying on teens and children in Times Square.

Reading about this clear “threat” to minors being targeted for image-ops with and by these bare-chested girls in thongs, I just had to roll my eyes and laugh.
It turns out that was just first. The topless painted women have come under major scrutiny recently as the NY Daily News started a campaign against them with a series of posts. Their Sunday headline read, “Bust .
Growing Upsurge of Topless Hustlers Defiles City.” Monday’s headline read, “Too Much To Naked” and referenced authorities saying it was “a disaster” and “unacceptable.” Obviously they were still acceptable enough to put on the front page of the paper for 5 days right.
Two of the NY Daily News cover stories about the Desnudas Painted Boobs
These women, who call themselves “desnudas” (Spanish word for “naked”), now seem to signify, for some at least, the impending downfall of Times Square. We understand this because Governor Cuomo told NY1, “I was around for the poor old Times Square and this is beginning to remind me of the bad old Times Square.”
What’s the problem exactly with these topfree painted girls? The only real issue at hand looks aggressive panhandling. This is an issue that will pertain to all the costumed characters – topless or not – of Times Square (this comprises Cookie Monster, Elmo, Spiderman, etc).
Aggressive panhandling is illegal, but that hasn’t prevented some costumed folks from demanding tip cash or a bigger tip. There also have been reports, over the last few years, of characters starting fights with each other, with visitors, groping adolescents and shoving people around.
Folks stare as Buzz Lightyear closely grasps the Hulk’s midsection and they slowly shuffle down the plaza together
The Times Square Alliance reported to the NY Times that 4 out 5 criticisms received since June have been about the desnudas, mainly from individuals who work in the area. Half are whining because they’re “offended” by female breasts and another half are complaints that are actually worth looking into.
The latter feature reports of women who sidle up to pedestrians, rubbing body paint on their clothes or suits while trying to get them to stop for a picture. That is behavior that would fall under competitive panhandling that will be handled. Nobody desires to be accosted by painted boobs on their way into work. (Well, maybe some do, but this task does require permission.)