How about connecting with many of the non-nudie artists out there and inviting them into our nudist communities? Many artists are implicitly in tune with and schooled in ancient types of unclothed artwork. Our events and actions should elevate nudity to an art form, high above vulgar lewdness and demolishing public misconceptions that nudity = sex = dirty.
Well-Being, Food, Sustainability
An understanding of ambient sexuality as a universal power opens up entire areas of thought and worry for the naturist. We should fret about all aspects of social morality and integrity that devalue the fertile sexual power of the nature. After all, we’re all inextricably part of mother nature.
So with that said, what about food? What about genetically modified seeds? What’s greed doing to the environmental equilibrium of natural sexual power and the greatest health of our planet? For the sake of greed / profit, some corporations seek to force feed’ us genetically modified food many of which are banned in several European nations!
What about invasive, highly ecologically destructive practices including un-zoned, url -fracking? The repercussions of which could destroy our land, water, and finally the skill of our planet to be healthy and fruitful. Let our nakedness stand as a protest and a reminder that we are not consumer units that can be force fed junk food and made to bow to the violent exploitation of our land by the selfish few among us.
One of the actions we’re leading within the Naturist Portal Site Upstate New York Chapter is Naked Locavore Cooking. This summer we had our first event which took place on June 29, 2013. We celebrated healthful, natural, organic food – free of hormones, genetic alteration, and dangerous processed food additives. Not only this, but we stood naked, as if protesting against people who desire to strip our property through un-zoned, hyrdro-fracking, endangering the fertile, productive, agricultural heritage that is the Upstate Finger Lakes Region.
Here again, we see our nudity can be elevated to some grander cause. One of stewarding and protecting the well-being of our world, including the sexual power of its natural fertility. This really is so much nobler in relation to the association of nudity = sex = dirty.
Activism? Many nudies perceive activism alone as an activity against a particular law, a means of gaining more legal rights to be naked, or as the fight for gender equality (topfree movement). It is needless to say all those things. But, at once, it is substantially more . We need to understand this in order to concentrate our activity.
Activism is actually sex-positive. Once again, let’s suppose that most individuals in the world assume the equation of nudity = sex = dirty is true. Going back to our first blog about the inadequacy of our nudie language, the generalized term – sex – is rather useless. It needs additional clarification in the equation of nudity = sex = dirty.
What the people usually mean when using the word “sex” is active sexuality. So it is no great mystery why things like sexual titillation, intercourse, orgasm are instantly connected. When done freely, active sexuality is typically considered unsuitable, obscene and lewd (never to mention – against the law practically universally).
Of course active orgasmic sex done in private isn’t lewd! Need I even point out that the nudie culture, like most of society, respects that active/orgasmic sex is a personal matter? Naturism isn’t hedonism and this really is precisely why suitable activism is sex-positive. Fellow nudies regard the privacy of orgasmic, active sex by behaving appropriately while participating in public / social nudity.
Non-lewd display of our genitals restores honor to them. It strips away the curse our body parts are somehow obscene’ by recognizing that sexual titillation is a private matter. It’s much simpler for individuals to accept the sight of full nudity, once free of the concern of an imposed and uncomfortable specter of unwelcome lewd behaviour.
In a nutshell, non-lewd activism (in a broader sense), honors our genitals by showing that nudies are well behaved, and respectful. Concomitantly, that’s why public sexual or lewd conduct is so harmful to the nudie cause. It is, in many ways, a betrayal of the public trust and reinforces a genital-negative, sex-negative public opinion of naturism and societal nudity. It’s what can cause family members to think their nudie relative has become a perv’ and gone off the deep end by adopting naturism and the naturist lifestyle.