Bare Hiking Excursion in New York – Yesterday we went on our first nudie hike of summer time, merely a day after the Summer Solstice. It was hosted and directed by our naked yoga instructor friend Beth Nolan.
While the weekend had some gloomy skies, Monday turned out to be a hot, hot summer day. Perfect weather for our day trip into the Ramapo Mountains (Harriman State Park).
We all met up late morning. I took the Equipment To Go Outfitters’ Trail Cab van with 7 other individuals, from NYC to the meeting point at a Lake Sebago parking lot.
A few individuals have been asking me how many people were going, but I didn’t have an official hike sign up. While I believed there’d be more people than last time, I was pleasantly surprised to see a group of about 40 individuals at the lot!
A couple of late-comers dribbled in and then we headed off to the trail. It was a large group to keep together, but the hike in went by fast. Once we were far enough away from “culture,” some removed a few or all of their garments to trek nude.
nude hiking!

We only encountered a handful of throughout the day, which is typical for a weekday. Other hikers or campers are usually excellent with our dearth of clothes, if not a little bewildered. However we are always ready to quickly cover on the trail to prevent causing alarm. Since it is legal for men and women to hike topfree in NYS, we merely had to make sure to have a towel or something helpful in case we needed to cover up below the waist. The funny thing was that this time, every time we spotted other hikers and covered up, it turned out to be other fellow free hikers or who there looking to meet up with us!
After maybe 45 minutes of hiking, we reached our first skinny dipping area. The water was quiet and refreshing. To get in you need to steer carefully down some slick rocks. Some went in up to their waist and others promptly swam out farther into deeper waters.
Skinny dipping during the first nude hike rest stop
We only stopped for a brief 10 minute rest, and then it was time to get to our final destination at another lake. It’s possible to camp around here, and a family of three (two adults, one child) were spotted doing just that from the trail. They did not appear to be irritated by us one bit.
Upon reaching our hang out spot, we saw a couple fishing. I used ton’t talk to them myself, but someone else did and they looked cool with the nudie group invasion. Proper etiquette in these situations is always to approach the folks who were there first and ask if they are okay with people skinny dipping. This can be what we did when skinny dipping around Ithaca, too, and happily for us, nobody complained.
The afternoon sun was beating down. Fortunately, the cold lake and strong breeze coming off the water helped keep us cool. Folks sprawled out their towels on the grass or stone and lounged while periodically taking dips in the lake. So passed a nice, relaxing afternoon in nature.
Me in the lake at our final bare hike skinny dipping place
On our last hike two years ago, the mountains were covered in Mount Laurel blossoms in flower with a brood of cicadas buzzing about. This year, however, they were already gone (and it could be another 17 years before a new brood of cicadas comes out!). The forest was much greener. You could still see bright yellow mushrooms and wildflowers if you looked for them. Many butterflies fluttered by, and mosquitoes or insects weren’t a problem. One person found a tick on them, but I do not think anyone else did.
Around 3:00 pm, most of us packed up and headed back down the mountain. A few determined to stay behind to appreciate the sun and water a little more. As we trekked back, a timber rattlesnake was spotted on the trail, but he slithered off into the brush before I could see him The snakes there scare off fairly easily!
(Not Yet) Naked Hiking along the flatter part of the trail
Back at the lot we said our good-byes to both old and new friends. We climbed back into the van for the ride back to the city and so stopped another lovely day of unclothed hiking and skinny dipping in southern New York!
We don’t have another hike scheduled at this time, but for those who’d be interested, Equipment To Go has some directed skinny dipping hikes on their calendar. They’re going to your swimming hole in the Catskills on July 12 and August 16. (I may join the August trip, but not sure yet.)
Much love to my fellow hikers reading this and hope we really get to meet again!
This review of the FKK nude hiking and naked swim day trip was published by -Young Naturists & Nudists America