Another good buddy of mine was excommunicated because
the whole ward supposed things about him based on the fact
that he enjoyed being innocently bare.
But not all reactions from Church leaders are .
There’s no way to forecast how a local leader will respond to the
Disclosure that one of his members is a naturist. One participated
couple I know ran afoul of the BYU Honor Code because they
had skinny-dipped collectively and were barred from the university. Their bishop asked them one question: “Was it sexual?”
When their reply was no, he promptly interceded and got
them readmitted.
Reactions of local leaders are unpredictable because there ‘s
no official Church stand on nudism. This is as it should be.
Nudism is one of those issues where members should do
their own study and prayer and seek their own answers from
the Spirit. Indeed, if you speak with many Mormon naturists,
you will find they have received compelling religious witnesses about their practice.


HIS IS WHAT I have discovered from my past eight years of
being a naturist: Nudism is modest in the appropriate settings. It diffuses lust. It cultivates trust and validation
among individuals. It instructs a healthy attitude toward the person
body and treats body pity. It trains children and helps
them develop healthier attitudes in their relationships with the
opposite gender. It even shields them from predators because
They’re more open about their bodies and are more prone to
report suspicious behavior.
I have seen naturism help people recover from pornography addictions . Naturism provides positive, wholesome images of the body. Naturist kids have their interest
about the human body met in safe, controlled environments under adult supervision instead of sneaking peeks at
Porn with their buddies. Grownups who ultimately experience
the difference between pornographic images of the individual
body and innocent images accessible through nudism can see
the ugliness in the pornographic image. It starts to lose its appeal.
These are the things I Have learned in the eight years I’ve been
a Mormon fkk. I’m as converted to these beliefs as any
Mormon is to the teachings of Joseph Smith.
Yet I can not share these discoveries with my fellow Saints. As
I have sat in never-ending lesson after lesson, sermon after sermon on
the ills of pornography and view ed the attempts of Church
leaders to battle this difficulty mainly fail, I anguish to understand I
have a easy option that can help many people heal, but I
have to keep it to myself.

By Paul Swenson
Modesty’s the hottest
topic in the Bloggernacle.
The body is a tabernacle
and must be covered
by a bag or tent,
in order to prevent
the baring of a shoulder,
or of skin above
an older woman’s ankle.
If you are female,
what you are wearing
may be sin, if it inflames
the lust of Mormon males,
whose alone battle
with testosterone entails
that they avert their eyes,
or disguise knowledge of
a girl’s bust or thighs.
Not only guys are penitent
about banned thoughts
Which will originate from
tight, revealing clothing.
“Heterosexual Wed
Girl” writes that she
is flustered by immodesty.
“Won’t notice breasts of
Girls clad in modest tees,”
she says. “But please prevent
a clingy shift—notably
if it’s cold. Catch my drift?”

When slogging through
the product of male sites,
Detect a particular reticence
to gauge appropriateness
of manly dress—except
the rightness of white shirts
and ties. Which leaves guys
free to contemplate indecent
penchants of their partners.
Tim scathingly whines
he can’t envision why their
Mums can’t refrain from
dressing little girls in twopiece bathing suits. Another
Dim galoot alludes to
a distressing preponderance
of “non—wife nudity.”
Forgive my rudeness,
if I see beauty in the person
form—and do not look away.
Show me the marbled limbs
of lovers in Rodin’s “The Kiss,”
and—pray—the-full blown
Maleness of David
by Michelangelo. Artist
who sculpted us to model
God and Goddess may discover
idolatrous and pat, fixation
on false modesty. Blog that.

Some bloggers hasten
to confess a secret
yearning for a sundress,

or self-consciously disclose
they burn to wear J. Crew,
as liberated girls do.
A few still grieve they
bought the duty
to venerate the sleeve
as sanctified, when they
Set on the Mormon
vestments of a bride.

1. The URL for LDS Skinny-Dippers Connection is WWW.LDSSDC.INFO.
Additional advice on naturism can be found at:

JULY 2008


The Origin of Nudity
in Greek Sports*
John Mouratidis
Associate Professor of Physical Education
University of Thrace, Komotini, Greece

Some scholars who’ve written on the issue of nudity in Greek athletic contest
have failed to inquire the prehistoric period and fairly intelligibly