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I was Naked In Public for the first time ever!
I Was Nude In Public – Last summer, since I was turning 21, I decided to treat myself and go to Europe for my birthday. Then when July rolled around, my companion and I boarded a plane and traveled to Italy (where we planned to stay for a month). We spent most of the time sightseeing, getting some sun on the beautiful beaches and befriending the locals. While speaking to any of these locals, we found that there was a nudist beach somewhat close by to where we were staying. I became intrigued and asked the local for more info on how exactly to get there.
The very next day, my best friend and I woke up early. We desired a little more time to dress ourselves – taking extra attention to shave every nook and cranny. Once we were done, we headed off to the naked beach.
My heart was racing the entire ride there. I could tell by the look in my best friend’s eyes that she was quite nervous as well. By the time we arrived, felt like I was going to be sick from all the nerves and butterflies that were flying rampantly in my own tummy. As we searched to find a great place on the plage we made sure to avoid eye contact with anyone. It felt so strange being on a plage where everyone was naked. There were so many different body types all around us. People from all walks of life, of all ages, both male and female. As I was looking around I noticed that none of the nude people appeared to have any body image issues whatsoever.
Naked in Public At A Unclothed Strand FKK
We found a place and set up our umbrella and towels. We had nothing else to do but get nude. My buddy had this deer in the headlights look on her face so that I could tell that she wasn’t about to go first. Therefore I took a deep breath, took off my shirt, and reached behind me to untie my bikini top. There I was, top-free in public for the very first time ever. My friend looked at me, the shock apparent in her eyes, and then did the same.
Now that we were both topless, I giggled nervously knowing what the inevitable next step was going to be. My fingers found the edges of my shorts and bikini bottom. I looked around to make sure no one was observing. Then quickly pulled them down! I heard a gasp coming from beside me and laughed.
Public Nudity at a Nude Beach in Italy FKK
“It is your turn,” I said to my buddy, feeling proud that I had really done it.
She gave me a pensive look and then quickly got naked too! Looking around to see if anyone was watching, she smiled, “This is not so poor!”

That day was really among the most memorable days of my life. It felt good to let loose and I felt ! Everyone on the strand was so nice and once the first shock of being nude in public wore off, we felt completely at ease.
Societal nudity or naturism, is undoubtedly something that I would do again and I can’t wait to have another chance!
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