Can We only Hang out in the Nude?
Hang out Naked: Growing up, I never once called myself a naturist It was always nudist. I started using this label once we began FKK, and I’d actually really like it if this turned into the mainstream term for what we love.
As FKK, we consider these terms (typically) interchangeable, but some have their own idea about what each one means or what kind of connotation they have. I’ve heard some say that naturists are more politically active in naturism / nudism beyond just frequenting nudist locations. I’ve also heard that in England they use the term ‘naturist’ to describe someone who takes it more seriously as a lifestyle and goes unclothed every day, all the time.
Some say the word ‘naturist’ has negative connotations from the past, and today it should be “naturist”! It’s not uncommon for the media to misuse the term, connecting it with indecent exposure or inappropriate sexual behavior. It is also not difficult to see that “nudists” are very often made fun of in the media and often used to make jokes! I ‘ve detected this most with the phrase “naturist colony,” which has constantly been used for jokes and undoubtedly has a connotation of being dorky, awkward, and unpopular. have proposed that we do away with these labels thoroughly because we have moved beyond them, and the words have lost their validity.

Naturist Cartoon – Not That Kind Of Hang Out Naked
Maybe one day we’ll reach a stage where we become the “standard” ones, and everyone else has to call themselves “textilists”! But anyhow, that is after we take over the world. 😉
What do you guys believe? Do you enjoy to simply hang out naked? Do you label or naturist or prefer no label at all? Has the word nudist been too beat-up over to be legitimately used anymore? Would individuals react differently when you first mentioned it depending on which term you used?
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