Naked Body Painting Contest and Celebration!
Nude Body Painting Competition – What does one get when you blend art, a bare beach, naked volleyball, making new friends, where nudity is an alternative all while having FUN? You get an “Amazing Canvas Beach Party.”
Maybe you have needed to see professional body painters “do their magic” or ever wondered what it was like to become a walking work of art? Now is the opportunity to turn your typical summer into a summer you will always recall in Hartford, WI.
The body painting competition is free for artists and “live canvases” and $20 per person for any spectators. Lunch will be provided. The occasion includes seeing and judging the body painting, bare volleyball, skinny dipping and for those who need to further experience nude recreation, a free overnight stay (bring your own tents or sleep under the stars).
The Naturist Portal Wisconsin Chapter (FKK WI) is launching its first event on Saturday, July 14th from 1-10pm out at Toadally Natural Garden. As part of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), we’re helping encourage an optimistic lifestyle while celebrating “National Nude Recreation Week.”
FKK believes in wholesome naked activities particularly appealing to a younger group. We’re a rapidly growing naturist organization and on-line nudist community of young nudist pic from all around the world! We welcome anyone regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation, tattoos or body / nipple piercings. In house prizes will be given, and you can also enter to win a cash prize in AANR’s national contest.
Body Painting Contest
This body painting contest is open to the people and while nudity isn’t demanded, it surely is urged.
To find out more or questions about the function, please e-mail me at : FKKwisconsin[at]
Looking forward to meeting new friends and having a lot fun,
Processor Hudson- FKK WI
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