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latter chance may seem like a little having known Lee.”

with the website authorities, additionally, it establishes a
naturist interest in maintaining the integ- point, but much too many naturists forget
rity and well-being of the acreage.
the pleasures of being out in nature clothing-free,

TNS parties and festivals routinely surrounded by birds and creatures, and
offer workshops and seminars educate- swimming in the living water of lakes and
ing attendees about their relationship to streams.
the natural world. Vegetarian alternatives are
Lee Baxandall’s early work in theatrioffered at assembly and holiday meals, and cal and performance arts establish the tone for
each party offers the chance to get TNS’ support of aesthetic excellence. N
away from the developed club grounds for has covered many significant art works and
a day to a local plage or hot spring. This events that illustrate the themes of body
50 | Nude & Natural 28.3

Scootch Pankonin

worked with him as essential parts of TNS
for years: Nicky Hoffman, Judi Ditzler,
and Margaret Thornton. All three respected Baxandall’s work in TNS, and wanted

to find continued. Ditzler—with
Aid from Mark Storey and others—
would edit N magazine, Hoffman would
manage the office and N Network, and
Thornton would continue to keep course
of the business and financial end of things.
Baxandall would continue to provide valuable consultation and occasional magazine
articles until his physical well-being restricted his
Skill to do so.

TNS’ largest project under the awesome
reign was the co-publication of The World’s
Best Nude Beaches and Resorts. Mike Charles
and Nick Mayhew-Smith of England’s
Lifestyle Press had successfully published
three “coffee table” quality guide books to
nude beaches and resorts in Europe, and
contacted TNS proposing that TNS and
Lifestyle Press team up to co-write and release an updated variant of Baxandall’s
World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts.
The most recent version of Baxandall’s famed
guide was still good, but the development of fresh resorts and a change in
status of many shores globally had
Made a demand for a new edition. In
2007, after a year of research and journey
by co authors Nick Mayhew-Smith and
Mark Storey, together with editorial work
from Mike Charles, Nicky Hoffman (now
Hoffman Lee), and Judi Ditzler (who had
at this point left TNS to work for another
Business, but continued to do editorial work
on special projects), TNS and Lifestyle
Press released The World’s Finest Nude Beaches
and Resorts to show the world how much
fun could be had on a naturist holiday
in nearly any part of the globe. The guide
immediately became and remains the first
Pick in print for those seeking information about naturist journey.

Baxandall was joyful to see the years
of work on the many editions of his World
Guide continued by those with his vision.
With Hoffman Lee now at the editorial
helm of N magazine, he continued to provide consultation, articles, and a precious
historical view until his death on
November 28, 2008. His passing is a loss
to nudism around the world, as he, more
than anyone else, brought both aesthetic
Understanding and political understanding, along with

lightheartedness and intellectual rigor, to
the quest for body approval and naturist

nization can supply. Having said that, NAC has
a loaded Web site providing detailed information about U.S. state and Canadian provincial laws as they pertain to nudity. Its Toni
TNS & the Future
Egbert Law Library is a valuable source
of information for lawyers looking for
Currently well into 21st century, TNS acknowl- information on court cases of interest to
edges that naturists and non-naturists are skinny-dippers. NAC’s site is also of use
becoming cyber-literate and that more and for public discussion on matters pertaining
more folks are looking to the Internet for to naturist activism in North America.
their advice and reading diversion.
This is where TNS stands . Its
Although TNS stays a membership orga- members are faithful—retention rates stay
nization expressing itself mostly through near 80 percent—and retain much of the
the printed word and face-to-face personal volunteer, grassroots spirit that helped to
interaction, TNS and N are reacting to transfer problems of body-liberty out of the
the call for on-line access.
Mid century dark ages of corporate nud
TNS has kept a Web site since ism. It is created as the top advo1996, at The site cate for nude use on suitable public
has been totally redesigned sever- lands. Its innovative magazine is a model
al times, featuring access to N posts, and natural nudist family for many naturist publicaNetwork contacts, Assembly and Festival tions.
information, NAC Alarms, and an on-line
With all its diversity and idiosyncraSkinny-Dipper Shop.
sies, The Naturist Society moves ahead in