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One Guy’s Thoughts on Why Get Nude for Relaxation
Why Get Nude? I’d never given much thought to truly being a nudist. My girlfriend and I had discarded the idea around a bit, but I’d never taken it too seriously. I have never had any great yearning to be naked.
More often than not, I wear clothes around the apartment. To be fair, that is since I get cold. If I’m warm, I take them off.
I’d thought about becoming nude around people when I was a freshman in college, but that was in the circumstance of a party where folks are getting drunk and doing insane things. Things like dancing on tables, making out with complete strangers, and taking their clothes off in front of everyone (yes, those looked crazy to me; my high school years weren’t exciting).
For me, the idea of taking off being and getting nakedin front of people was a way of coming out of my shell. I didn’t get naked because it was comforting, I did it because it was exciting and, for the folks around me, a tad shocking.
Why Get Naked?
Nonetheless, I’ve always had a bound. I figured being in your panties is not any different from what you wear at the strand, so that’s no big deal, however I wouldn’t go beyond that.
At the time, it was of several prudish ideas I had. As I grew older, it became more a matter of simple bashfulness. I’d never been naked around anyone I wasn’t having sex with, and the idea can be frightening for a first-timer. Like doing karaoke!
I never had any strong desire to be nude, and still don’t. But I also don’t feel any particular aversion to the naked idea either. Besides those first-time jitters, I think about the thought and ask, Why not?
My body has its imperfections, but those can be found when I am in my panties or a swimsuit along with when I am nude. I’ve come to terms with those and am not embarrassed. In fact, overall I’m fairly happy with my body.
Getting Naked and Being Unclothed Is About Relaxation
I only find myself caring about the problem less and less. It is not a fire for being naked that draws me to naturism, but ambivalence about being clothed. For may be about a rush, or a movement, or even some sort of cause, but for me it is just about being cozy.
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