Nudists Talking About Sex Nudists Really Do Have Sex?

Nudists Talking About Sex –
Nudists Talking About Sex..It Is true! have sex I’ve had sex. I understand, I understand- That is terrible, huh? Well, it gets worse: I enjoyed it. Now that I Have made this startling entrance, I ‘m prepared for the nudi nazis to come to my house with instruments of torture to let me know how wrong this is and to make me alter my ways.
Okay, so I’m probably exaggerating a bit about how incredibly horrid some folks, specifically nudists, believe it’s to have sex or to discuss sex. Within the FKK nudist organization, sex is a topic that’s let and standard.
Nudists Really Do Have Sex?
Referring to sex among nudists outside FKK. Well, I wouldn’t recommend it. Why? That is the question: why?
Since we are all here walking this world, there’s reason to believe that we were all produced. Being that follow was not produced until 1978 and after all these years only 1% of the people is born as a result of any sort of assistive technology, it stands to reason that most of the population on this World was created through sex.
Obviously, bad people like Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson give a bad name to all of us who were born as an effect of sex, but there are many who give these results a good name, also, such as Mother Teresa and Felicity Jones. Undoubtedly, the effects of sex could be great or terrible depending on how the offspring turn out.
Beyond the effects of sex, I believe we can all concur that experiencing sex is pretty common in America.
Though I could find no special data for nudists, we can assume that this amount is similar among the adult fkk population: it does stand to reason that nudists have sex just as the remainder of the citizenry does, right? Which again begs the question of why naturists believe that they can’t talk about sex.
It is clearly not some mad and novel act which should be taboo. Actually, if you think about it, if only 4% of adults are virgins, it’d make more sense that being a virgin be not talked about since it’s so unusual within our culture.
Nudist Portal is a group that is very different from the remainder of the naturist culture. Within FKK, we can discuss sex- and we do talk about sex! We even had an occasion held at the Museum of Sex which, though I did not personally attend it, I Have heard was great fun and had awesome chocolates.
FKK people talk about everything, really, including menstruation, saving the planet, internet pornography and just about any other subject that may be on the minds of young nudists.
And that, my friends, is why I adore FKK: not only is it all about the love, it is also all about real life and real people.
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36 year old naturist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, climbing trees, writing, and helping individuals. Been a fkk since the age of 28 and found it to be a life changing way of living.


I will hear it now “Step right up ladies and gentlemen, for a mere dime you can see the fat lady get nude.” You might be a 50-year-old girl in a 50-year old body. Your arms are short, your hands are tiny and you seemed liked a scared bunny in many of the photos. Your breasts sag like torpedoes. Were it not for the piercings I would not have known where they ceased and where your tummy began. For heaven’s sake start behaving like you have some sense.

The artist must have been mortified when he saw you. Did he call within an emergency purchase of extra paint? I’m convinced he wanted it after getting through with you. It was kind of him to paint vertical stripes as it gave you a leaner look (only not enough).
His paint strokes on your own body were wide and appeared hurried. He wanted you away from him and rapid. You said there were professional photographers. Thank goodness, they were at least competent to hide you in the bunch. You were the token fat girl, tolerated. The joke that made everyone else look great and have a great laugh.”
It is infuriating to read something similar to this. But we agree with Maria when she says the greatest response is education and leading by example. We shall continue to advocate for acceptance and speak out against discrimination, hate and fat shaming. Here is Maria’s response and firsthand accounts of the experience:
“There are times when we struggle with choices. I am no exception. Nevertheless, I believe that every choice I’ve made has afforded me experiences that are my stepping stones to the next venture. Each adventure holds clues to what will come.
On that day (July 31st.), I stood on the corner of 53rd and Broadway proudly sharing a space with no less than four generations of likeminded folks and amongst a sea of on lookers from all walks of life (how cliche of me).
Next to me stood my friend, a man strong and entirely grounded in his convictions. He was truly supporting and excited for me, knowing this was a dream come true.
Piece by piece I drop an article of clothing exposing my body for the world to see. The artist, Andy Golub, and I constantly exchanged our energies; his artistic creativity for my bravery to continue.
The articles of clothing lose were the trappings of everyday life that had driven its way into my mind and lingered for years. I could scarcely contain myself. In place of the clothing, fantastic colours appeared.
The green, purple and yellow all purposefully layered on my skin. As it dried, it became a strong outer layer forming a shield yet it remained soft, flexible.
Did he sense my trepidation? Not a word uttered. No warning or explanation followed. He stopped, drew his brush far from the live sailcloth in front of him and he faced me.
Trusting his move, I didn’t flinch. It was the second of the three periods of my transformation that day.
We were restless and impatient. My turn was coming up.
‘NEXT,’ he cried, and there I stood. I was transfixed, my gaze stoic, proud. Embellished with furious the mark of a strong woman ready for conflict. Thankful, more than a week after that one size does not fit all.”
Naturists and Everything You Want To Know About The Naturist Lifestyle!
What Defines a Nudist Person?
a Nudistmay have many reasons for being nude. Many naturists do agree that by going bare, they bring themselves nearer to nature and personal enlightenment. Some believe that nudity acquires a stronger and more true relationship between folks.
Naturists believe a deeper or truer understanding of folks can be reached by first stripping away outer hints of class, wealth, and style. Nudists willargue that attitudes like “clothes make the man” are harmful and judgmental.
Most individuals prefer to live of their lives reasonably completely clothed. Some might even spend a great deal in their time focusing on shopping and putting together fashionable outfits for this particular function. But there are also a good number of individuals who prefer to live just the opposite and embrace naturism.
Which is, nudism is a lifestyle which is shared by many communities around the world. For some, it offers an alternate or more natural way of living. As a side note, naturism is really the term favored by many nudists now. A naturist, just speaking, is someone who advocates for and espouses a lifestyle that is entirely without any clothes – when appropriate.

we must make our way to the rough part of the law,

begging these guys.. .
them that it is not so long ago that it seemed black
many among the barbarians-to see guys naked; and
and then the Lacedaemonians,it was possible for the
But, I
to conceal them, then what is ridiculousto the eyes disappeared in the light of what’s best …. And this showed
that he’s empty who considers anything is silly
Aside from the sight of the silly and the poor; or,
again, he who looks seriously to any standard of
beauty he sets up other than the good …. Afterward the
Girls guardiansmust strip, since they will clothethemselves in virtue instead of robes, and they must take
commonpart in war and the remainder of the city’sguarding,
and mustn’t do other things …. And the man who
laughs at naked girls practicing gymnastic for the
sake of the finest, “plucksfrom his wisdom an unripe
fruit for ridicule”and does not know-as it appears-at
what he laughs or what he does. For this is absolutely the
fairest thing that’s said and will be said-the
beneficialis reasonable and the harmful awful.85
Aside from the differentiation between men and girls
in Greek life, and Platonic ideas, the passage touches
on several significant features of Greek nudity: its
purpose in instruction (music, athletic exercises, the art
of war), as a preparation for military service; laughter
as a reaction to something humiliating and shameful-the sight of a naked girl, as earlier the sight
of a nude man; the adoption of public male nakedness
in everyday life as an initiation; and the explanation
of fit nudity as a useful, rational custom.
Other authors gave an assortment of rationalizing explanations for the institution.
the institution of the gymnopaidia at Sparta: Lycurgus desired to encourage in the young men the want
to wed as soon as possible.86
This rationalizing tendency of the Greeks is clearly


passage in Pausanias, in which he attributes the custom of having trainers entering the stadium nude to a
historical incident. According to this report, a mother
over the fence, and hence exposed herself as a girl.
She was not penalized, but a law was passed to make
sure that henceforward only men were admitted.”
Modern scholars have in some instances taken such explanations seriously.88 In contrast to historical explanations, most modern interpretations, nevertheless, have
concentrated on the aesthetic aspect of the phenomenon.

the image of the male bare youth, ideally delightful,
remained,for generations,the favoritetheme of Greek
artists. Yet we cannot take Greek nudity for allowed.
One can only explain its source in Greek culture, and
Performer of Old Comedy, by considering the originally spiritual, rite, apotropaic motives for Greek
nudity, which lead us back to its early status of
taboo. At a later point in its history, its meaning
was understood in a different way. The association
was transformed, and a different set of connotations
developed. This is clear from the signs of ancient
Writers who cope with this custom, as we’ve seen, in
Conditions of their own historical context.

Maybe can better understandthe scenario in
Greece by looking at those who did not share in this

institutionalizednudity:girls and barbarians.

For women in Greek art, literature, and life, the
tabooagainst nudityremainedin total force,with all its
Awareness of humiliation and vulnerability in addition to its

Clear in the “practical”explanations offered for the
“Intro”of fit nudity at Olympia-that it
facilitatedthe athlete’svictory.It’s also illustratedin a

magic power.
In artwork the female nude appears briefly, in the early
Archaicperiod, as a religiousfertility motif, following
the Near Eastern model of the naked mothergoddess.
After these early figures the picture was used for pathetic appeal, for magic or erotic allure, or for pictures

The sense of shame which was so pervasive in read was still found in Homer’s accounts of the
punishment of Thersites, as we’ve seen. The anxiety of
exposure long remained an powerful hazard for girls.
At Miletus, a decree was passed to discourage a rash
killed themselves were threatened with being carried

Unlike the Greek and Romans however, the Jains did not practice nudity as an expression of independence and appreciation for the human body and artwork and nature. Rather, the Jains practiced nudity as a form of piety, because giving up all their worldly goods, they also gave up garments.

It is believed by Historians and scholars that while the Greeks focused chiefly on the emphasis of attractiveness, knowledge and fun, the India gymnosophists referred with their nudity as an action toward obtaining spiritual enlightenment and becoming one with the universe.
The tie that seemed to bind the two cultures together was the thought of peace that both the Olympic Games and the Janis faith practiced. Just as the Christian control of Greece and Rome led to the end of the gymnasium and the Olympic Games, the British control of India led to the curtailing of gymnosophist practices.
Nudity in Early IndiaFirst Time NakedOutdoors and Being NudeOutside
(A Guest Nudie Website)
Being Naked Outside and Nude Outdoors For The Very First Time
First time naked outdoors and being nude outside – I have consistently heard of naturism and naturism but never really gave it too much thought. I’ve to admit that when I first saw a news report about a nearby nudist resort, I was the only person within my family to not say “what weird and perverted individuals these nudists are.” But the truth is that I was I actually envious of them. They all seemed perfectly happy and none of them appeared to have any body image issues what so ever.
So the following time I had the house to myself, I determined that I’d get naked and do everything from cleaning to homework in the nude.
To my surprise, felt fantastic to be completely nude. I was surprised to find that it did not feel sexual at all being naked was a only a feeling of only total independence.
As the years went by, I got my own place and moved from my family’s house. I used to go to the plage a lot and always wondered what it would be like if I simply dropped my swimming trunks and jumped into the water naked. But my strand had not been a bare beach and I understood it was not the place to attempt skinny dipping for the first time.
The changing area at the sand was without a roof. I heard of people comment on how they might freak if your helicopter or a plane flew by while they were naked. It was far enough from your local resorts that no one on any of the floors could see in. I recall getting nude and wondering what would happen if I left the booth before wearing any clothes. I kept thinking about how amazing it’d feel to being naked outside.
Things just moved on from there. One time, I said to a close friend about my fascination with being nakedoutdoors and he thought I was crazy.

Obviously, we broke up shortly after. But only to play it safe, for about year and a half, I stayed quiet about the issue of social or public nudity.
Subsequently, at the local community college, I took an art class. Naturally, at some stage it came time to draw a nude life model. We drew two unclothed models – one male and one female. They stood there, both nude, with such reserve, calmness and did not seem to care what others thought of them. I inquired a number of classmates about the models and they said that it was a paid place but that they were simply your “everyday folks” only nude.
So I put out an ad and inquired if anyone would not mind modeling unclothed for me at home. Behold, my ad was answered. I told her that I needed to draw a unclothed model in a property setting, doing regular things, but unclothed. To my surprise, she said “no problem.”
The day arrived for the sketch and first I believed an ice breaker session would be good. She was from Canada originally and she moved with her family to the USA a few years earlier. She even told me they’d been to naturist beaches and at times, spent family time in the nude. She was an excellent model and did some basic poses. To my surprised, to her, all of it felt completely natural.
My first grown up experience of being naked outdoors and unclothed outside

Inspection could rediscover, that can show how a bird may be inhibited or harmed by it except in the most

Casual manner. It’s only when you step back, stop looking at the wires one by one, microscopically, and take a
macroscopic view of the entire cage, that you can see why the bird will not go anyplace; and then you’ll see it in
a minute. It’s going to need no great subtlety of mental abilities. It is perfectly clear the fowl is encircled by a
network of methodically associated impediments, no one of which would be the least hindrance to its flight, but which, by
toward women, and reinforces patterns of male domination over women.111
In our culture, breasts could be exposed to sell drinks to guys in taverns, but women might not be topfree on a
beach for their own comfort and happiness. Reena Glazer writes: “The criminalization of women baring their breasts,
Consequently, signifies that society views women’s bodies as immoral and something to conceal. There is something
Possibly offender about every girl just by virtue of being female.” 112
Herald Price Fahringer writes, “men possess the right to cover or expose as they see fit–girls do
not. Guys have the right to take pleasure in the sun, water, and wind with no top; women do not. Few guys would be willing
Then why should not girls enjoy the same edge? . . . Demanding girls to cover their
breasts in public is a very visible expression of inequality between men and women that encourages an approach that
For countless decades, men have held the power to generate these
misconceptions. The male view on the vulnerability of a female ‘s breasts is crucially influenced by the demand of men to
This reaction stems from a manly ideology that has . . . doomed generations of girls to a
secondary status.” 113
“So what is actually at stake is whether women will probably be free to bare their own
breasts in suitable public places for their own personal purposes on such occasions in which they feel free to do
so, or whether they’ll only be permitted to bare their breasts in public on an occasion that may be used
commercially and that bolsters the idea the only role of the female breast is for the satisfaction of man
Purportedly cause in men. Such laws are written entirely from the male perspective, and ignore the point of view of
women, who may want to go topfree for their very own relaxation.
82. By refusing to accept the demand to “protect” themselves from guys by covering their bodies, girls increase
power, and shift the burden of responsible behavior to men, where it rightfully belongs.
Reena Glazer notes that “male power is perpetuated by regarding women as items that guys behave and respond
to rather than as celebrities themselves. . . . their entire value comes from the reaction they are able to induce from guys. In
Because women are the
sexual objects and property of men, it follows that what might arouse guys are only able to be be shown when men desire to
be aroused.” This emphasis on women as temptresses “shifts the load of responsibility from men to women;
because women induce uncontrollable urges in males, society justifies male behaviour and blames the victim for
whatever occurs. . . . To sanction the concept that men have uncontrollable urges indicates that violence against
Girls is inescapable.” 115
83. girls naked cigarette smoking beach strip women of the right to control their own bodies, but there have always been
“exceptions” to obscenity laws which enable the usage of women’s bodies in consumer seduction. Therefore female nudity
is considered unsuitable on the shore, but is ubiquitous in advertising and porn.
84. By demanding arbitrary clothing requirements for girls (requiring them to cover their tops), the
Authorities acts in loco parentis, in the part of a parent. This really is demeaning to women. Like kids, they’re not
Surrendered the ability or right to decide how to dress, much as they once weren’t permitted to vote, own property, or
exercise other rights.116
85. The repression of healthful female nudity fuels porn.
Herbert Muschamp notes: “To object to the naked figure in a general interest magazine while enabling it

I Dream of an Indoor Urban Nudist Clubhouse and Naturist Oasis Space by: Joshua W.
My Dream of an Urban Nudist Clubhouse
Urban Nudist Clubhouse – It was a glorious autumn. In the northeast, just about any weekend was bright and warm since late August, in contrast to a rather cool and temperamental summer. In September, I even managed to get in one last lake skinny dip. But as the days grew shorter and the cold air pushed in from the north, there’s simply less chance to get nude. Local clubs have closed their doors for the winter, which leaves us naked at home, or looking forward to the occasional naked-friendly event.
Around this time each year, I begin to imagine what a year round community space might seem like that espouses and celebrates the ideals of naturism (respect for self, others and nature), notably within an urban environment that is accessible to a large people. Additionally, I consider the fiscal viability of this kind of space and whether or not a business model could be created that is sustainable, scalable and replicable. Uniting company with a social dilemma can be surely be debatable, but when done right, can give astonishing results.
I envision a modern, eco-friendly space that’s about 4,000-6,000 square feet, most likely on the top floor of a building, that provides roof access. teen nudist sex would likewise incorporate added amenities like a kitchen area.
First of all, the space would be open on a daily basis, enabling members and one-time visitors to stop by and take advantage of the fundamental facilities at their own leisure. Moreover, weekly scheduled activities and events, including yoga, exercise classes, and massage therapy, will supply a structured schedule of stuff to choose from, all with a focus on wellness, fitness and social conviviality. Finally, one time events will be offered, as intended internally or by external groups who rent the space, including book clubs, MeetUp group meetings, etc.
Customer service will play an important part in ensuring that guests have the ability to relax in a clean and cared for surroundings. Technology will facilitate all actions both in and from the club, including an interactive website and an RFID bracelet that removes the requirement for carrying around a wallet!
What’s your dream?
Needless to say, this is just a small glimpse into my own imagination as it pertains to the perfect “urban nudist naturist space. And I did not even mention the juice bar, the mini gymnasium andthe nude swimming pool! I’m figuring that many of you have also daydreamed about such a place, whether only as a visitor, or as an entrepreneur. What does your space look and feel like? What kinds of activities and events would you plan? Is this kind of space essential as it pertains to ensuring the success of naturism later on?
Participate in our one question survey and be sure to remark below.
Take Our Poll
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1990: 6–7). The two-gender exclusiveness of the shower website betrays the high

Possible of the site as a sexual site, the gaze at nakedness as a sexual act and the
implicit eroticism that is encoded in this type of site. The relative adjustment of the
system where the trajectory of sexual or alluring desire is allowed to extend
to either gender (as long as it’s an ostensible, coherent sex) destabilizes the
non-sexuality of the website. Where the gender exclusiveness cannot be under-
stood to safeguard against the existence of desire as homoerotic want, and where the
Possible fall of homosociality with homosexuality is increasingly charged,
understood as alone nonsexual forms of pleasurable activity.
Nevertheless, the uncertainty between the frame of the communal showers and
that of the sexual is normally understood by participants. Special rituals are
in place to cease the homosociality of communal nakedness sliding into homo-
sexuality. As Janene Hancock lately points out, these rituals are practised in
the sorts of ‘proper’ dialog:
to women, the semantics used aren’t always complimentary. They discuss problems like their

sexual conquests, their art at picking-up, taking out and ‘sleeping with’ the girls they meet,
Too as quite frequently-lurid details concerning their sexual exploits. . . .
tion is about making guys feel positive about themselves, solidifying their maleness and
rejecting any understanding that they may belong to the marginalised maleness of homosexuals or
poofters. It is a kind of bond between men, reinforcing their relationship with each other
— verbally more than physically.
Among men, statements of homophobia, dialogues about women and the
ways in which the gaze is performed as a non-sexual looking shield the
communal nakedness of men from signifying nakedness-as-sexual. Additionally,
among women there are particular codes of behaviour that cease the nakedness in
communal showers from slipping into the sexual. I am reliably informed that
women in this kind of site will frequently either have a dialogue that averts drawing
Focus to the common nudity as accessible to the gaze of or, if more
Comfy, stay totally silent. These too are particular ritualistic codes
which prevent the nakedness/gaze duality from being understood as having a
sexual element, no matter the ways in which such nakedness/gazing might
be involved in actions of policing the physical.
So what, lately, has been occurring to the site of the communal shower as
a framework in which authorized nakedness is tied up with various legitimate
Based on a 1996 Awesome York Times article, showering after
Physical education class by secondary school men isn’t only on the decline but has now
become a signicant rarity (Johnson, 1996). Although the writer theorizes that
this decline intersects with issues of modesty and anticipations of body image and
tness, he also points to an erotic element:
… some health and physical education specialists state that many students draw [from
post-exercise showering] exactly due to the overload of erotic pictures — so many totally
toned bodies cannot help but leave common mortals feeling a bit insufficient. (Johnson, 1996)
advertising, combined with the collapse of ‘compulsory heterosexuality’ and the
heterosexual matrix raises the fear that communal nakedness among lads will
be gazed upon in erotic or sexualized ways that have formerly been protected
participants in the showers are heterosexual and can thereby simply perform a
sexual gazing at another sex. This ‘cultural issue’ is augmented further as
the stereotype of gay men as non-sporting is increasingly discredited.
trates this recent ethnic issue over shower-space nudity increasingly coupled
with sexual or sensual kinds of gazing. While depictions of nude women in lm
have been common and cannot easily be separated from a want for erotic gazing

by a phallocentric lm business, the depiction of naked men in lm is by no
means recent. As early as the 1925 production of Ben-Hur, male frontal nudity
was shown on-screen and, despite the ban on nudity through the intervention of
the Motion Picture Association of America Production Code between 1934 and
1968 (Russo, 1981: 121–2), a spate of popular lms from the 1970s onwards
depicted male nudity —

I believe that when we see other people, we immediately connect them with things. If someone saw my face, their reaction might be, “Oh. Well whatever, that girl’s quite why is she talking about her body she does not have any reason to whine” or perhaps “Oh odd, she looks like so-and-so and I hated that girl.”

And that would shut people down and restrict their own ability to see themselves in my writing and my pictures. ukrainian nude beach neptune festival photo believe how many women have written to me telling me that we’ve virtually indistinguishable bodies, and if I revealed my face, I’d lose that sort of open-door, “I could be anyone” feeling. Unexpectedly I ‘d become a person instead of just a body or an idea.
So in a way, it is provided a more open communication with others?
BtoB: Absolutely.I believe that had I shown my face from the start, the project would never have gained as much impetus. Or at least not with the same sort of “body positivity” crowd. I may be incorrect, obviously, but at this point I am rather stuck on my decision to remain anonymous.
It’s a trick that many fashion companies use online for e-commerceby not revealing the face of the model, the consumer is less likely to judge a piece of clothing based on the model wearing it.
Out of interest, do you believe your family and friends would be taking of the project if they knew?
BtoB: Yes and no. Or, rather, no and yes. No to family, yes to pals. Some of my buddies do understand, and the conversation usually goes something like, “Yeah, so I did a thing on the net where I’m taking photos of my body and it is sort of popular now and it’s kind of bizarre but cool and I enjoy it.”
Weird. Whatever.
My family, on the other hand would be a different story if they found out. I was raised in an extremely conservative Christian home, so that’s not actually something that they would take pride in, even if I ‘m helping people feel better about themselves.
Is it due to the nudity, the issues you discuss, or both?!
BtoB: And additionally that I am showing my naked body to the world for anyone to see. Pretty much everything related to my project is a tremendous infringement of how I was raised.
I am able to appreciate that coming from a very conservative, Christian household myself. Were you able to see regular women naked growing up? Or was that also a breach to what was perceived as “right”?
BtoB: Regrettably, I do believe that is quite standard for young girls. The amount of e-mails I get through Tumblr from women who tell me how much my story parallels theirs is astonishing. I think that generally when kids get to see nudity, it’s on TV if anything and it is movie star nudity which is a whole lot different than a naked person before your eyes. I definitely think this hurts women later in life because they’re never really sure what their body is “assumed” to look like and live in some kind of fear that it won’t match up with the thought that the individual they’re with has about the female body.
I am sure that extends to guys too, to a degree, but I also think it’s a lot more satisfactory for a little boy to run around naked with another little boy than for a little girl to say, “hey, let’s spread our legs and look at each others genitals!”
I never saw a nude girl growing up. I never even saw my mother naked. It was a “clothing at all times” home and you bathed by yourself if you were naked. Even swimming, I wasn’t allowed to wear a “showing” swimsuit to call any kind of attention to my body.
I’m supposing that nudity was connected explicitly to sexuality afterward, even if that was not communicated directly? And finally, that was not a favorable message. Do you hope that to a certain measure your website helps women, and even girls, to see a bit of “reality” that isn’t sexually charged?
BtoB: Yeah, it was the whole “nudity equals sex” notion as well as the “god wants you to cover your body” notion.
I do expect that my blog helps individuals see a little piece of reality that stands outside of the universe of porn and sex and celebs and is only an open, honest portrait of a woman who has gone through the same things they’re going through. And even if they can not talk to their mom about it or their friends about it, it’s a little affirmation that THERE’S someone out there who realizes what they’re going through and made it out on the other side and is still learning and maturing.

Dicture Gallery by Soraya Doolbaz Arty Funny Dick Pics

You have said that some men do not desire to attend your exhibit because there are members. What do you think it’s around looking at dick art that makes men uncomfortable? Do you believe it is a manifestation of the male homophobia that is still embedded in our society / culture?
While I do have some straight male lovers (assured sorts with a sense of humor), I find most straight men do get uncomfortable with the idea of looking at another guy’s dick. Even if it’s artwork.
I believe that is due to lack of exposure. If I had to nail it, I believe it started around the time people covered the statue of David’s cock with a fig leaf.
I find most straight men do get uneasy with the idea of looking at another guy’s penis.
There’s a very noticeable lack of full frontal male nudity in the movies and pop culture, while female nudity is commonplace. You’ve said you impute this to the fact that “Guys are commanding the content and that is what [heterosexual] guys need to see.” I think this is an excellent point.
That is an interesting stat. I assumed this was the case once I made that comment about men controlling the content. I stand by my comment. Until then, let us appreciate our Magic Mikes of the world and of course, Dictures. 🙂
Looking at the dick pictures, I have to wonderis it all the same penis? Or more than one got dressed up for a photo shoot?
There were 3 distinct models. In the fresh show there are 4.
How did these models respond to the notion of participating in this project? Did you ask friends or did you locate models some other way?
I would constantly talk about my job in social groups. Female buddies volunteered their boyfriends or husbands. His dick was a star for a 3-4 hour period. Who wouldn’t want that? Incidentally, I just shoot couples. Models have to bring their significant other to the shoot. It makes things a lot simpler for everyone involved.
So the penis photos shoots are 3-4 hours long? And the penis has to be erect to wear the clothes?
Yes, an average shoot is 3-4 hours. The model’s partner dresses the member and I stand on a seat taking . I believe that’s what makes it funnier.
So in the picture shoot, I think the man or his partner helps him get erect and then keep the erection? Do the men have difficulty maintaining it? It is got to be a bit of work for them!
Regardless of any guy’s boner quality, it is difficult to maintain it through laughter. is the boner’s enemy.
It is also difficult to keep between costume changes. This is why I simply shoot couples. The partner is there to help while I stand on a chair waiting for the greatest second to shoot the graphic.
“Laughter if the boner’s enemy”Nude Church Guest Site By Isis Phoenix
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European Naturism from a Nordic Outlook

Naturism In Norway – Last summer, my family was at a sand vacationing together with another family that we have known for years. Shortly after we arrived at the sand, the daddy of the other family stripped his youngest child who was maybe three years old at the time nude and sent the youngster to play at the border of the water. Almost as an afterthought he turned to me, with a look of worry on his face, and said You know it’s OK that he’s naked, right?
Now, a small circumstance this plage was not in the USA, but in Norway.
That the daddy asked me if I understood it was OK struck me as strange at time, but in hindsight makes perfect sense. Despite the fact that he and I are both Norwegian, and we were in Norway, he still felt the need to check with me to make sure I didn’t think he was abusing his child in some way.
Nudism In Norway –
We often wish that everyone in America had mindset as residents of more liberal countries. But why are those nations like this in the first place? It’s often joked that many Americans can not even locate North America on a map let alone states elsewhere. So we do not expect many folks to know what makes other countries tick socially.
For me, I can only just speak for naturism in Norway, which will be my country of origin. But many of the nations of Europe and elsewhere share particular social traits are very different from America and that make the public’s perspective of nudity much more forgiving. They comprise:
Mandatory Sex Education
Sex education is mandatory in Norway. There is no abstinence only choice. (Like most countries, Norway isn’t subdivided into states that have powers separate in the national government.) So there’s absolutely no shielding kids from the realities of sex and the body. Sex educators have long asserted that talking to children early and often about sex goes a ways toward removing the taboo surrounding the issue, and makes them not as likely to participate in it recklessly since they understand the potential impacts. It’s no wonder in America, then, the demonization of sex and the equating of nudity with sex has made people afraid of exploring nudism.
National Broadcaster
Like many nations, Norway has a government-owned transmission business as well as independently-owned media outlets. The assignment of the national broadcaster will be to present the news never to generate income. It’s financed by a small licensing that families pay. Compare this to America, where media is just not only 100% privately-owned, but a substantial portion is possessed by a little group of large firms.
To keep the readers and the viewers coming, privately-owned media needs sensational reports as well as the regular news. And because sex and nudity are the most-banned of the forbidden fruits, they make to find the best news stories especially when sensationalized. Nudity is seldom depicted positively in American media, and is often presented in the context of what can only be called Nude Offense stories about people committing offenses while they chance to be nude (not because they have been nude, though that important difference is intentionally obscured in many cases).
Since national broadcasters aren’t profit-driven, the sleaze degree is close to zero. (For an English language example of a national broadcaster, research the British Broadcasting Company [BBC]).
Lesser Role for Faith
The countries of Scandinavia are known for their near-complete dearth of spiritual fervor. Around 20% of Scandinavians consider themselves believers, when compared with a much greater percentage in America.
Faith is perhaps the prime driver of anti-nudity opinion, both in America and other conservative nations (though we in the nudist community comprehend, praise and support the contribution of religious nudist groups who are striving to illustrate that faith and nudism aren’t mutually exclusive). Maybe the most extraordinary example of body-pity is the burqa, a full-body cloak that is demanded to be worn by many Muslim girls.
The narrative of Adam and Eve is one of the Bible’s best-known narratives – and possibly one of the most misunderstood. Much to the detriment of nudism, Eve’s activities in the Garden of Eden fall under the Nude Crime type. God wasn’t displeased because Adam and Eve were naked. Rather, they had bitten into the apple from the Tree of Knowledge which God had expressly prohibited. He was tipped off just by the fact the next time He saw them, they had covered up their touches. Nudity did not lead to the crime. But the crime was committed while bare. are just a few of many differences that make the challenge for naked acceptance that much more difficult here in America. I’m not suggesting that we can snap our fingers and transpose European societal ideals on our own, as fine as that would be. But what we do need to understand is the totality of the forces that are working against nudists.
Just as much as girls are under-represented in the naturist community, thus are young adults of both genders. Despite all of the messages they receive about how nudity is bad, many of them do not believe it at least not fully. Our assignment mustn’t only be to practice naturism in defiance of these negative perceptions, but to teach and provide opportunities for the naked-inquisitive. Young and old, girls and boys.
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